What I’m working on now

I’m working on 4 projects right now: two knitting projects, one cross-stitch project, and one crochet project.

The crochet project is the one that I’m actively working on, so I’ll talk about that today. This one is from the Fall 2003 issue of Family Circle’s Easy Knitting (page 62, “Red Hot”). It’s one of those long duster sweaters that my husband always says makes people look like they’re wearing bathrobes in public. Fortunately, it doesn’t have a belt, which only reinforces the bathrobe vibe.

This one is an x-mas present for my baby sister who is 18 and very trendy. I’m making it in a moss-green color which a slightly muted version of her favorite color. I got the magazine a few months ago when I was home for a family reunion and had already picked this out for her when she flipped through and pointed it out and said “Hey, I’d love this in green”.

The pattern calls for Red Heart Classic yarn, which I find to be rather coarse. I was hoping to find an appropriate color in TLC Luster (which is probably my favorite acrylic yarn), but the color selection was poor at AC Moore and I really wanted to start on the project on Saturday when I was out shopping. So I chose TCL Cotton Plus instead, a cotton/acrylic blend that feels just like cotton. While both are worsted weight yarns, the TLC Cotton is a bit finer than the classic, so I had to play around with gauge swatches a bit. (And I bought a lot of the yarn, because the balls just looked so small. Oh well, I guess I have an excuse to go back to AC Moore).

After about an hour, I decided to make the sweater with a smaller hook and two sizes bigger than I thought would fit her and started off on the chain foundation. But then, gauge swatches aside, the length matched what it was supposed to be. So I had to rip it all out and start over on the small size. The height of the stitches is not quite what it’s supposed to be (my stitches are always shorter than gauge, no matter what I do), but I’ve added extra rows to make it work out.

I caught up on all my NetFlix movies on the weekend so I had a ton of time to work on the sweater. By Monday night, I had finished the main body piece. Last night I finished most of one sleeve and polished it off this morning waiting for my husband to shower so we could go see an apartment. Tonight I expect to finish the second sleeve. Then it’s on to the joining and adding the hood. I’ll probably get it done by this weekend. I don’t think I’ve ever finished a project so quickly! The baby blankets always seemed to take forever.

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