All this and cross-stitch too!

Every year I make a new x-mas tree ornament. Actually, I make several, but they are identical. I keep one for my tree and I give one each to my mother and mother-in-law. This year my sister-in-law got married so I’m expanding the tradition and giving one to her.

I’ve made ornaments in a variety of media — beading, cross-stitch, crochet, etc. Whatever strikes my fancy when I start thinking about it. I try to mix it up a bit so that I’m not doing the same media two years in a row. And I’m usually frantically finishing them so that I can pack them in the boxes with gifts that I’m sending off, working on mine last as x-mas bears down. This year I got lucky and picked out the design last year and I actually got started on it well in advance. I might have these done before I’m finished shopping for gifts.

This year’s ornament is cross-stitch. It’s a Mill Hill kit, so it encorporates beads as well. In general I don’t care for kits because of the waste and the difficulty in repeatability, but Mill Hill kits are very easy to repeat. Their beads are coded so I was able to order more of the exact ones. And because I’m making 4, the excess floss will be used (and they also list DMC colors so I can use the right colors if I run out).

This kit is one of the Tiny Treasured Diamonds series — a small diamond square of linen with red, green, and white beads and stitches in a geometric pattern. The finished product will be lightly stuffed and have some beaded fringe at the bottom. So far I’ve completed the stitching on two and have made good headway on #3. I can complete one in an evening of TV, so perhaps once I’ve made some headway on the fair isle, I’ll get back to the ornaments.

Speaking of the fair isle, I’m about halfway through the design on the body and maybe I’ll actually make it to the principal stitching on the body by this weekend. I’m working in 3 colors right now which is near agony in how slow it’s going. And I have to pay far more attention to it as I progress than I normally do, which makes it hard to enjoy watching TV at the same time. I take heart that it’s both the front and back of the body, so I’m making far more progress toward the overall sweater than it feels like.

And I just picked up a new project today because I just learned that a friend of mine is pregnant. I’ve been waiting for this project for a couple of years. But I’ll talk about that later, after I’ve picked out the yarn.