I’ve waited years for this….

Sometimes you see a project and you know it would be perfect for a certain person at a certain stage in their lives. Then you have to wait for that stage to arrive. Well, one of those has finally come to pass….

My husband is an avid Simpsons fan. He and J, a friend from grad school, can have whole conversations where they speak nothing but quotes from the show. Well, a few years back I was flipping through a Lion Brand catalog when I saw a star shaped baby bunting. If you watch the show, you know that in the winter, Maggie Simpson (the baby) is always shown in a orange star-shaped snow suit. J didn’t even have a girlfriend at the time, but when I saw this pattern, I knew that someday J would have a child and I would make the Maggie Simpson outfit. So I downloaded the pattern.

Well, last year J got married. And last week he e-mailed us the news of his impending offspring. So now I have to find some orange yarn.

In case you’re curious, this is the current version of it. There are 3 different patterns, 2 crochet in different yarns, and one knit. I’m not yet sure whether I’ll knit or crochet it, I think I ordered just the crochet because I didn’t knit at the time. I’ll have to find them on my hard drive to be sure.

While you’re visiting the patterns I linked to, take a look around. Most of the Lion Brand patterns you can order from the web page and download in PDF format to your hard drive, saving the cost of shipping. I love this because I’m usually brutal on the pattern while I’m working on it, so I can print as many copies as I need. Just beware that some patterns are only available for mailing. I saw one pattern in the catalog and I rushed to the website to download it, but it wasn’t available that way. I didn’t want to pay shipping on a $4.50 pattern, so I e-mailed and asked if they could make it available for download. They said they wouldn’t. So I didn’t order. And now it’s out of stock.

In case you were wondering, I finished the fair isle section of the sweater body earlier this week watching baseball. I’m now in the middle of the solid color section which is just knit and purl stitches and will fly along if I can keep the count right. And then I’ll be back to fair isle on the sleeves. I’m a little concerned about that because the pattern called for one ball for each of the colors in that section and I’m not confident that I have enough of the lt. grey remaining for two sleeves. And I ordered that color from Herrschner’s, so I’m wary of getting a dye lot match.