I’m growing arms!

I finished up the main section of the body. The rest gets worked together with the sleeves. As I feared, the gauge does increase a bit from the fair isle section. I’m not sure if I want to rip it out and redo it with a smaller needle. I’ll have to measure it. And I can’t lay it out flat because I don’t have a circular needle long enough. I might try the needle change on the sleeves first.

And speaking of the sleeves, I’m back in fair isle land. Normally I work a pair of sleeves together on the same needle, to make sure that each one gets the same number of rows and that the increases happen in concert. But because I only have one ball of yarn of each color in the pattern, I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage pulling from both ends of the ball. It was hard enough just keeping the 5 colors untangled for the body. Then I realized that the color pattern enforces the number of rows in that section. So I’m doing the fair isle section individually for the sleeves and then I’ll start working them together when I get to the solid color section.

In other project news, I think I picked out my next holiday ornament. I’ve been wanting to do something knit but wasn’t sure exactly what. They don’t make many magazines filled with knitted ornaments the way you see for cross-stitch, beads, or even crochet. Then I saw some ornaments in the Land’s End catalog. One item is a set of 3 miniature sweaters on hangers. The other is a set of miniature winter accessories — cap, scarf, and mittens. I like the mini sweater idea and now I’m not sure if I should find a pattern or wing it. Because I don’t have to worry much about shaping for a body, so it might be pretty simple to create my own pattern. I’ve already had some practice on a small scale with the Barbie crochet and I’ve got some good sources for small wool. Hmmm….