Zippers Galore

I finally finished the sweater for my husband! As you might remember, the only thing that was stopping me was lack of the perfect zipper. I’d e-mailed Interweave Knits and asked about the zipper used in the sweater on the model and they sent me the address of a trim store in the garment district in New York City.

Last week I was in NYC to see Barenaked Ladies. The day after the show (which was awesome, but I won’t go into that here) I took the train back into the city to find the trim store. It was a small store with a small storefront. But after I pointed out the zipper, they told me to go around the counter to the back of the store. I wandered down some narrow aisles stocked high over my head with zippers of all types. In the very back was where they got made. There was a board with all types of custom pulls in aluminum and brass. My friend K suggested that I get the lightening bolt, but I decided to stick with the one I saw in the magazine photo. Pull selected, I grabbed a long zipper from a box on the wall — aluminum teeth and slate-colored backing. I pointed out my desired pull to one of the clerks and told him my desired length. After running the zipper and new pull through several pieces of heavy machinery, I had the perfect zipper. He gave me a little slip and I went up front to pay. The perfect zipper was less than $3!

So I came home and started working on attaching it. That was a lot of backstitching with embroidery floss. And then I was able to weave together the sides last night. My husband tried it on and while it fit nicely, he reported that it fit funny in the shoulders and neck. So I pulled out some of the crochet stitches supporting the shoulders and added some across the neck to pull it in and that was it. Being finished is somewhat anti-climactic. (sigh)

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  1. Marya Schuessler:

    Damn, my zipper got stuck this morning on my favorite coat. As recommended by another poster, I read this article (check my link I attached) telling you how to fix a broken zipper and it was rather easy. I highly recommend them if you need any zipper reapirs.

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