Scraps Away

After a few years knitting and crocheting, I’ve got a huge bag of scrap yarn. Originally I got some books on scrap yarn projects but just couldn’t bring myself to make any of them. The projects just don’t suit my tastes. So the scrap bag just grew. And then I read about projects for making caps for premature babies. I made a couple, but the gauge kept changing and they never really looked right and I didn’t have an organization to donate them to. And then I found some organizations that need simpler contributions of knitted or crocheted squares.

Warm Up America collects 7″x9″ knitted and crocheted rectangles to assemble into blankets to donate to various causes. Michael’s stores nationwide collect these squares in the winter time and hold joining parties. Look for signs and donation boxes in their stores right now.

The Afghan Project collects 6″ squares to assemble into blankets for foster children in Massachusetts. You can e-mail them for an address to mail squares to. They have an aversion to stockinette knit, but the square shape means that it’s easier to make granny squares which help use up really small bits of yarn.

Both organizations accept donations of materials and seek volunteers to join squares — a great labor contribution if you can’t actually knit or crochet. They also have suggested patterns on their site to get you started.

The squares are small enough to use up small amounts of yarn. And you can make one here or there between projects or when you only have a small amount of time. I use them as an opportunity to practice new stitches. And I got myself the perpetual calendar of knitting stitches to avoid getting bored making all these squares. I have a special box to store the squares and package them to send off a few times a year.

If you know of other organizations seeking knit and crochet contributions, please let me know!