Frustration everywhere

I’ve spent my available stitching time in the last week working on the sweater for myself, the one with the fair isle sections at the bottom hem and at the cuffs. And it’s been painful. First I had to rip out many rows on the top section of one of the cuffs because I missed a solid color row. Then after I re-did it, I saw that the diagonal stitches go in the opposite direction from the other cuff and from the body. After having ripped out those stitches once already, I decided that it looked fine enough to keep. And I remembered the sage wisdom from a grandma figure about “personalizing” your work — she always made sure to change at least one stitch in her cross-stitch pieces in order to make the piece her own. After several years, I realized that this is a clever way to account for the small errors I am always bound to make.

So I finally finished the fair isle sections on both sleeves. I had feared that I would run out of one color before I was finished and I came darned close. I think I’ve only got enough left of that color to do about 4 more rows if I had to. Phew!

Then I started on the solid color portion of the sleeves. The pattern is pretty simple, k4 p6 on the rs rows, staggering the placement of the purl stitches so that they overlap in alternating rows. Except that I got 2 solid inches into it before I realized that I was repeating the pattern over 4 rows instead of over 8, so it was much more condensed than on the body. Grrr. More ripping out.

Fortunately, I have a lot of good TV to keep me company with this project this month and Amazon just sent me the 6th season of DS9 on DVD, so there’s stuff even when there’s no TV. That will keep me going during these frustrating sleeves.

However, I’m moving to a new apartment this month, so I won’t have much time for crafts. I fear that once again I may be finishing my x-mas ornaments as I’m packing off presents.

Thank you to Barbara and Anna who have left me comments with links to craft charities.