Two steps forward, three steps back

I’m never going to be finished with the fair isle section.

I thought I’d finished it, and I had just the one error — the diagonal stripes slanting the wrong direction. Then the other night I looked at it again and realized that they don’t all slant in the wrong direction. There’s a V half-way through. And because it’s fair isle, it’s two colors (black and lt. grey) and rather obvious. And I was 6.5 inches through the solid color section beyond the fair isle.

I knew that this would always bother me with this sweater if I didn’t fix it. So I ripped out the 6.5 inches. And I ripped out another inch of the fair isle. And I started over. I fixed it now and it looks right and I’m working my way back to where I was with on the other sleeve so I can work them together again. But it sucks.

Hopefully I can put this behind me for good now and finish the sweater. Because I just got the Winter 2003 issue of Interweave Knits and there are 2 sweaters I want to make in it. Not to mention those ornaments I have to get to.