No End in Sight

I finished the sleeves. And joyfully I took out the body that I’d finished weeks ago to notice 1) the sleeves end on a different pattern row from the body and 2) the body’s gauge is noticeably wrong.

I took a good look at the pattern and noticed that I had followed it faithfully, yet it was wrong for the sleeves. They end up with a purl row instead of a knit row as needed to match with the body. You may recall that I’d already had a few problems with this pattern, something I’ve noticed is a regular occurance with this designer. Fortunately, this was simply solved by ripping back the final three rows and redoing two on each sleeve. Not nearly so much a burden as…..

…..ripping out all the solid color on the body. Back when I finished the body I’d observed that the gauge of the main color section was a little too loose compared to the gauge for the fair isle section. As a result, the main color puckers and bulges a bit. As an experiment, I tried a smaller needle for the main color section on the sleeves and having completed those, saw that it was far better. So I ripped out 2 balls of yarn. Ack!

This all would be slightly less a pain if I had extra sets of circular needles in the working sizes. Then I wouldn’t have to keep transferring stitches around. At least the odd stretching on the body rows from being squeezed onto stitch holders that aren’t quite big enough is now gone. Which do you think is better — extra circulars or really big stitch holders?