Remember when I used to do crafts?!

Moving sucks.

All the things I like to do are packed away in boxes and stacked in random piles. I spend all my time packing or unpacking or cleaning or organizing and feel guilty when I just want to veg and knit.

The main move happened over the weekend. I took Friday off to be around when the phone/cable guy came and we spent most of that day taking car loads between places. The movers came and did the big stuff on Saturday morning, and the rest of the day was more car loads. And both Friday and Saturday were blisteringly cold with huge gusts of wind. My hands were chapped and raw throughout the weekend. So even though I sat down on Sunday and allowed myself to watch The Simpsons, my hands were in no shape to do anything fun. I spent the first part of the week slathering on hand cream at every opportunity and I’m finally back to feeling normal again.

Tonight I will attempt to find my sweater project and work on it during West Wing. That project was going well last time I saw it. I’d finished redoing the body and it and the sleeves are all squeezed onto my circular needle to work the shoulders. So many stitches, the rows take forever.