Just the finishing

Over the last few days, moving has settled enough that I’ve been able to steal a little craft time and I finished the principal knitting on my sweater. I even ducked into a fabric store and bought the buttons. Last night I finished the fur collar and now I just have to do the finishing. Primarily, weaving in all the tails from the fair isle and then sewing up the sleeves. With any luck, I should get that done tonight so that I can wear my sweater tomorrow!

And while I still have a few holiday projects left to finish, I also stopped into the yarn store and bought the yarn for my next project. I had an honest reason for going into the store — I needed to buy large needles to do the fur collar. But I had picked two sweaters from the Winter Interweave Knits that I wanted to do for myself and I figured that while I was there, I should pick out the yarn and order it in the colors I wanted. Well, they had a perfect yarn for “Marcel’s Sweater” and they had enough burgundy in stock. Clearly, it was fate. We’re having Thanksgiving with friends and I think there will be plenty of TV time (we have to watch the South Park Thanksgiving episode and our friend just got the new Looney Tunes DVD), so I think I might just start on this new sweater (must remember to do gauge swatch tonight to see if I need more needles).

But sometime this weekend I’ll take some time to sit down and take stock of the projects I still have to finish and list out those I want to do next. There are two other sweaters in Knits that I want to do, and I’m tempted to take a stab at learning how to do gloves.