All done!

I finished it!

I wove in all the fair isle tails and sewed the sleeves seams and hems, and I had to stay up a little late to finish sewing up the hem* around the bottom. Then all I had left were the buttons. But it was late. So, determined to finish the sweater to wear to work, I got up and attached the buttons in the morning. I’m wearing it now. It’s nice and warm, and the fur collar doesn’t tickle me like I feared it would. But the collar has gotten a few comments. I’ll dig out the camera from the move and try to posts some pictures soon.

Didn’t get to start on the gauge swatch for the new sweater. I’ll work on that tonight and hopefully I won’t need smaller needles. I’m not confident though. Maybe I should just buy smaller ones anyway. I should call and see how late the knitting store is open today….

* The hems: rather than just starting with the cast-on row, this pattern called for an inch of Stockinette then a row of purl before starting the main section. That inch gets folded up later and sewn to the underside. I thought it was a little strange while I was working it, but it makes a very nice finished edge around the cuffs and bottom.