Where did December go?!

Wow, it’s been forever since I posted.

In the meantime, I started working on a sweater for myself, the one I bought the yarn for way back when. I guessed right on the needle size, but had quite a challenge getting it started. The repeated pattern looks like arrowheads, but it’s comprised of all these 1-stitch cables and the stitches are twisted. I played around with different cable needles to try to find a system that worked efficiently, but even still, I’m working at about half my normal speed. That’s frustrating if nothing else. I’ve got about 8-inches of the sleeves done and I set it aside for a while.

Despite my optimism that I’d not be finishing this year’s ornament as I was packing the boxes to mail out, it was a false optimism. I was less rushed than in prior years, but I was still faced with “Ack! I’ve got all the presents and I want to mail the package tomorrow, better finish the ornament”. So I finished 3 and sent them off. The last one, mine, still needs to be finished. The principal stitching is done. All that’s left is to sew up the back seams and attach a few strands of fringe at the bottom. I’ll finish it this afternoon or tonight.

I’ve learned about more babies on the way, so now I have three baby projects that I have to do. I know it’s sort of gauche, but I want to find out what genders to expect for a couple of them. I just see so many more cute girly projects than I see cute unisex or boy ones. So if I can go all out with fancy stitches and lace, I’ll take that option everytime.

Just so happens that I’m wearing the sweater from my last post today. It’s a half-day at work so I’m going casual.

Happy Holidays to everyone, whatever you celebrate.