Fruitful fruitless search

I spent a good portion of yesterday morning running errands, hoping to find the beads I need to finish my ornament. Of course, the few places I know of that carry Mill Hill didn’t have it. I don’t want to pay shipping for one small packet of beads, so I’m holding out. One store was closed, so I’ll call them later today.

But while I was out, I spied a store called “Fabric Place”. I’d never heard of it (turns out it’s a small local chain) and it was located in a very run-down shopping mall (the kind where half the stores are vacant and TJ Maxx is their anchor) so I doubted I would have any luck. But I ventured in anyway. They didn’t carry Mill Hill, but they have one of the nicest selections of yarn I’ve seen outside of a yarn shop. I was expecting pedestrian selections from Red Heart or Lion Brand, but instead they had all sorts of wonderful fibers — Debbie Bliss, Jo Sharp, and more varieties of sock yarn than I could shake a stick at. Someone there must knit. If you live near Boston, look up Fabric Place (but the website doesn’t do justice to the collection at the Woburn store).

I also visited my local yarn shop on Saturday and came home with more yarn. I got a ball of yarn to make the sash for my sister’s duster sweater (and I did that last night). I also picked out a nice chunky merino for the star-shaped baby bunting I’m planning. Now I have to find the pattern and figure out how much to order. And, the navy merino I needed for my own sweater was available so I bought some of that and got started last night.

This one is the Bed & Breakfast Sweater from the Winter Interweave Knits. I’ve been so frustrated with Marcel’s Sweater that I decided to start this one and alternate working on the two. The B&B sweater is mostly ribs with a fun cable section in the center that looks complicated but only cables a few times per row. Much faster to do and so satisfying to make progress. Wisely, I decided to start with the back instead of the sleeves, so it won’t be so obvious when I get ahead of the other sweater. Tonight it’s back to Marcel’s Sweater, and I find myself almost dreading it.