Happy New Year!

I had the day off, so I spent much of it knitting.

I made a lot of progress on Marcel’s Sweater, mostly because I read about a technique for doing 1 stitch cables without a cable needle. I played around with it a bit and adapted it to work with the twisted stitches. Without having to manage a cable needle, my speed went way up. It’s still not what it could be (because the new technique still involves a lot of manipulation for 2 stitches), but it’s much faster than it was before. And less frustrating. I may actually finish this sweater before the end of the year.

I’m alternating the projects that I’m working on right now and yesterday was supposed to be strictly Marcel’s Sweater. But I finished the ball of yarn I was using for one sleeve and I decided that rather than wind a new one, I could switch to the B&B sweater. I’m still working on the back and it’s not quite as large as Marcel’s sleeves yet, but give me another day or so. And I almost finished the ball I was working on for this one too, so I think my next sitting will be to wind yarn.