So much for health

I’ve been stricken with the latest virus, or maybe the flu (despite getting vaccinated), and I’m finding my time of illness very productive. I’m entrenched on the couch, with my cats sleeping next to me, the TV is on, and I’m knitting. I’ve made a lot of progress on the B&B Sweater (I’m a little too sick to concentrate on Marcel’s Sweater).

Over the weekend I got the beads for my x-mas ornament and finished it. I meant to put it on the tree for a day and then take the tree down. But now that I’m sick, the tree will stay up for a few more days.

My mom visited over the weekend and she rejected the sweater I’d picked out for my sister. We spent some time looking for other sweaters for my sister and didn’t nail anything down. At least not anything that would fit her. All the sweaters my mom suggested my sister might like were in publications where “large” is a 42 inch bust. My sister has a little more boob than that. I’m still not convinced that L. wouldn’t like the sweater I picked out before, so I think I’ll photocopy the magazine and send it to her. Of course, mom picked out many sweaters for herself, none of which will be easy to make or get the yarn for.

But I did pick out a project for my sister-in-law’s baby. It’s a bunting that looks like an ear of corn. She’s got a thing for serving dishes that look like items of food, so I think she’ll love this. And it will probably give her an easy Halloween costume.