So much progress, so little posting

I was sick for a week. I had varying amounts of lucidity. When I felt alive, I worked on the B&B Sweater. I finished the back and the sleeves. I’m half-way through the front and I’m hoping I’ll have enough yarn to finish.

Then I was sick of being sick and sick of working on the sweater, so I didn’t stitch at all for a week. But over the weekend I’ve picked up needles once again.

First, I got the new issue of Knit It! There is a nice sweater in there that might be good for my sister. I’m going to photocopy it and the other sweater I’d picked as a possibility and see if she likes either of them. And like last year’s issue, I fell in love with most of the baby and toddler projects.

On Sunday, I went to a new yarn store nearby which greatly expanded my local yarn resources. I finally got some yarn for the star-shaped baby bunting, so I got started on that. It’s a nice wool-acrylic blend in a light orange that’s more orange than peach. I couldn’t get the chunky weight I needed so I’m doubling some worsted. I’ve decided to crochet this one and so far I’ve made my way through the entire back of it. I also taught a friend who is frustrated with crochet to knit. She’s a little frustrated because she doesn’t want to have to practice. And I haven’t taught her how to purl yet.

I ordered the kit for the corn bunting, but while I’m waiting for that, I saw a cute little striped romper in a Lion Brand ad in Knit It! Because my sister-in-law is pregnant, I’m giving in to all my urges to make cute baby things. I figure that there’s a chance that they might come back to me someday. I downloaded the pattern and discovered that I already had some of the yarn (it’s so rare that I can use something already in my stash). I got the rest of the yarn I needed and started on that yesterday. I was crusing through one side of it when I realized that there was a mistake in the directions. Ack! Unfortunately, it’s a rather important mistake, so I have to rip out several inches.

And I also picked out a pattern for the remaining baby item I had yet to choose. This is the Mouse Baby Set in Knit It! which includes a blanket, a sweater, and a hat. The sample is blue and white and I decided to buck gender stereotypes and make it in blue because it’s so cute. Who cares if the baby turns out to be a girl! The mice adorning the blanket and sweater are done in a slightly fuzzy yarn, giving them a cute furry look. As all the yarn was Lion Brand, I’d hoped to get it when I got the yarn for the romper. This was frustrating because while Michael’s carries the blue that I needed, they had 10 balls in about 6 dye lots. And they don’t carry the white at all. So I’ll have to find another source or order it.

So, if you’re keeping track, I’ve now got 4 projects underway and two on order. At least I’ll have plenty to keep me busy when I’m frustrated with Marcel’s sweater (and I did a few rows on that this weekend, too).

And tonight, I got a copy of Debby Ware’s “Too Cute!”. You may have seen her kits of wonderful baby confections. Now I have a whole book of toddler projects. My future neice/nephew is going to be one well-dressed kid.