Marcel’s Sweater errata

I started on this sweater almost as soon as I got the Winter 2003 issue of Interweave Knits. Right away I noticed that there were some missing symbols in the key for the pattern chart. And after working on a gauge swatch, I had some serious questions about the cast-on instructions, too. I e-mailed them in late Nov. and got some very helpful responses, but I’m disappointed to see that the missing symbols haven’t made it to their “oops” page. I got a question in my comments from Vanessa about it, so I’m posting the updates here in case someone else does a search and finds this.

Note, I’m still working on the sleeves for this sweater and haven’t attempted the body panels yet, so I’m posting what I got in e-mail and I haven’t tested them yet.

The missing symbols:
/ (grey): p2tog
b (white): k yo tbl (not sure how this will work, yet; perhaps it’s really “k tbl yo”)

Error symbol:
/ (white): (needs an extra twist) slip k-wise, slip k-wise, slip both stitches back to left needle, k2tog through front loops.

Also, I had a question about when to transfer from the tubular cast-on instructions in the back to the “next row” in the pattern instructions. According to them, you do 5 rows of tubular cast-on from the back and then “next row” in the pattern instructions is row 6. I think this means that your foundation rib won’t have twisted stitches to match the rest of the body. I haven’t worked it yet, so I’m going to be making a couple of gauge swatches to compare. However, in the sleeves, if you work 5 rows of tubular cast-on, and start the pattern instructions at row 6, you don’t get the nice points at the end of the sleeves, so for the sleeves, work the first main color row of tubular cast-on and then row 2 of the sweater is “next row” in the sleeve instructions.

Next time I sit down with the sweater, I’ll transcribe my technique for the 1-stitch cabling with twisted stitches without a cable needle.