And on to the next part

I finished the sleeves last night. Never so happy to see a part so done. I think more than just the complex pattern with the twisted stitches and small cables, I was worn out by the constant checking whether I needed to increase on that row to get the shape right. So exhausting. To much to think about.

I cast on the stitches for the front of the sweater last night and worked out my issues with the cast-on method that I had before. Basically, as soon as it was clear how the rib pattern should go, I decreased one stitch at the end that would make it work out right. However, I think I’m going to rip it out and redo it. Once I got a few rows in, I noticed that the non-twisted stitches in the first row are bigger than the following twisted row. So I’ll add the twists during the cast-on instructions and that should clear it up.

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