Am I ever going to be happy with a pattern?

I decided that I wanted to get started on my sister’s sweater. Her birthday is in March and while I don’t think I’ll finish it in time, I might still finish it before the summer if I get started now. So I had to find the balls of candidate yarn I had stashed around the house. That took some time remember where I’d stashed them so my husband wouldn’t get too annoyed by all the yarn sitting out (he doesn’t mind my yarn habit, just the mess). Because I wanted to watch Friends, I worked on the B&B sweater some more and looked for the yarn during the commercials.

Then I tried to make the gauge swatch according to the chart. And I quickly decided not to use the mohair blend candidate. The wisps kept getting caught on each other and I figured that the chart was complicated enough without having to fight the yarn as well. So I settled on a nice wool acrylic blend that is slightly fuzzy but very easy to work with. I still have to pick a color. My sister likes the teal in the magazine photo, but I’m not sure how close I can get with the yarn I’ve selected. I expect I’ll have to order the yarn, but hopefully I can find a ball of it in a store this weekend to check the color.

Now I just have to work out issues with the pattern. Some symbols aren’t listed, some directions are missing completely. And the directions that are provided don’t always give in elegant results — I can see that in the photo of the finished sweater! For example, for pattern simplicity, they use the same symbols for all purl decreases. This looks fine on the RS, but on the WS, half of the decreases point the wrong way! Is a little more care too much to ask? I’m a stickler for attention to this kind of detail and it’s clear that I’m going to be re-writing this chart. Stay tuned for project notes.

The pattern is rated “experienced” and despite my scant year and a half of knitting experience, I decided to press on through because I didn’t see anything more complicated than that the number of stitches changes with each row. I’m starting to think that the “experienced” rating just means that there are more mistakes in it than average and you’ll have to figure it out on your own.