Too many projects or not enough supplies?

Saturday I got more work done on the Star Bunting. I’m done with the right side of the front. I have to repeat this for the left and join them to finish off the top. The end of this project is within my grasp.

Yesterday I made progress on the Mouse Baby Set. I finished one of the sleeves (I’d finished the back during the Super Bowl). Then I took a good look at the project and decided that the best thing would be to start on the blanket next, because it uses several different balls of identical yarn simultaneously. That way, I could use the partial balls that remain to finish the sweater and make the hat and, hopefully, not have more than one partial ball at the end. So I tried to start on the blanket but realized that the needle I need is in the B&B Sweater. That project is nearly done, so I’m putting Mouse Baby on hold until then (or until I break down and buy more needles).

I got a lot of work done on the Corn Bunting instead. The back is now 18 inches long and it’s sprouting sleeves.

And because it was the weekend, I got to do some shopping. I found the yarn I want for my sister’s sweater (Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Peacock). During a trip to Michael’s, I lucked into enough of it in the same dye lot that I don’t have to order it. They also had several balls of the yarn I’m using for the Mouse Baby set in one of the two dye lots I had bought before (I couldn’t find 6 in one dye lot before, so I was going to do the blanket in a different lot from the sweater).

I also found another source for Clover Needlecraft supplies. Most stores carry Susan Bates stitch holders and other tools. While she makes fine crochet hooks and the wonderful Knit-Chek gauge tool, I find most of her other items leave something to be desired. On the other hand, every new item I buy from Clover impresses me all the more. You may be familiar with Clover’s Pendant Cutter — the tool that cuts that you can bring on airplanes. That’s only the beginning. They make my favorite split ring stitch markers — 1/2 inch molded rings that slip on to stitches and stay or slide along needles. Recently I discovered their point protectors. They are rubber and they won’t fall or get bumped off. Today I bought some more of their stitch holders. These have a rubbery cord that holds both ends of a plastic double-pointed needle. I got some a couple of weeks ago and love them. Unlike the safety-pin-style stitch holders, there are no extra shanks of metal to get caught in your fabric and pull it out of shape. They are neat and unobtrusive, and they really hold. Make the effort to find some Clover products — you’ll be glad you did!

I also picked up the latest issues of Cast-On and Interweave Knits. But I gushed enough about Clover, so I’ll talk about them some other time.