A little of everything

I took a little road trip down to NYC this weekend, so not a lot of time for projects. But in random moments I did finish the front of the B&B Sweater, add a couple of rows to Marcel, and start the Mouse Baby Blanket. I’ve totally tossed my rotation out of the window!

I have to decide whether to block the pieces for the B&B sweater before assembling it and adding the collar. Anyone have any advice on blocking when you still have some stitches on holders? I also have to buy the needle to finish the collar.

In other “stuff with hands” work, I got and assembled a new side-table while I was at Ikea over the weekend. It’s got 3 drawers and will allow me to keep all my projects-in-progress nearby without having bags all over the place. It makes my husband very happy. Now I just have to put some shelves up in another closet so I can store the bags of support yarn for those projects.

Today the TiVo I ordered arrived, so I think all my evening time may go toward setting that up, but if I have some craft time, I might start my sister’s sweater.