Be careful what you wish for

I finished the B&B sweater over the weekend. As I was stitching up the final seams, the weather was gorgeous and I felt somewhat saddened that my great new sweater would lay dormant until the winter. But Boston had another plan. I woke up this morning to heavy snow which lessened only after I got to work. A few more cold days are ahead of us, so I’ll get to wear my sweater. I think I would have preferred spring.

Tonight I’ll take some photos. I got a great mounting board this weekend that will be a good backdrop for photos. Better angles than perching over my dining room table. I still have one ball of scrap yarn to work off, but I’ll put that on the back burner because I want to make some serious progress on my sister’s sweater. Got several more rows of that done and it’s looking great!

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  1. motherchildjewelry:

    nice picture, and so nice to see it

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