Huggable or Horrible?

There is a “free book” shelf at work that I’ve grabbed a few novels from. Last week I hit the jackpot when someone left a pile of old knitting and crochet books. I snatched them up and the crowning glory was the Holiday 1986 issue of Vogue Knitting. Among a selection of very dated and scary sweaters requiring shoulder pads larger than my head, I found a few children’s patterns that made me realize that kid’s stuff is pretty timeless. Almost.

Because I came upon this:

In addition to the hood and the pom-poms on the sweater, the pants are knit as well.

Opinion is heavily divided among people I’ve shown it to. Some think it borders on child abuse. I think it’s cute in a “A Christmas Story” kind of way. I don’t think I’d ever make a kid wear it.

What do you think?

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