Inspiration dashed

I tried out my inspiration for twisting the stitch that ends up gaping. It was easy to accomplish because I just used a crochet hook to undo that stitch for two rows and rebuild. But it didn’t seem to make any difference. So I’ve abandoned it. The gaping really isn’t that bad, I’m just picky.

I looked carefully at the front side that I finished with two extra stitches. I didn’t make any mistakes in the pattern, it’s just that the repeats worked out that way. So I’m waiting until I finish the whole body to take any actions, but I think I’ll probably rework the last row and take a couple of decreases where they won’t be noticed in order to make the stitches work out right for the joining and ribbed collar.

comments: Rob asked for photos of the B&B sweater. I’m waiting for a day with good natural light to reshoot it. I worked it in navy, so it’s really dark and hard to photograph well. Hopefully we’ll have some sun this weekend. But the pattern was really straight-forward and I don’t recall there being any errors or alterations that I did.