Project Vacation

Thursday night I sat down to watch TV. I was frustrated with the Shawl Jacket sleeves and I wasn’t in the mood to do all the thinking necessary to plot out a full chart for it. So I picked up one of my other projects instead. Oh yeah, I’d forgotten about those. I worked on Marcel’s Sweater because it is only one ball of yarn and it was the only one I could do without looking closely at a pattern. And it was so much fun to have a change of pace, it was like a vacation.

Over the weekend, I got a little time to sit down with the Shawl Jacket chart and work on it. I got about 1/3 of the way through it and then my attention was diverted. And I was suddenly sent to Los Angeles for work, so that project is on haitus. I brought Marcel’s with me and started working the armhole decreases on the plane. I may actually be finished with the front of this thing by the time I get back. Then it’s just the back and I’ll be done!

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