Change of Pace

While I’m here in Los Angeles for work, I’m visiting friends. Last night I visited Stitch Bitch. She recently posted about an Ott-Lite carrying case that she’d seen and asked if anyone had a pattern for it. Last night we made one.

She had a big pad of paper and we made a special run out to buy a square to draw lines and right angles. We scrutinized her B&W print out of the one she’d seen online and we tried to figure out how the given dimensions mapped to her light. In the end, we decided that the one sold online must be much more padded than simply using quilted fabric. It’s the only explanation for how much larger than the light it is. So her plan is to keep to their dimensions and make it with quilted fabric. Then she’ll get some 1/2-1 inch thick foam and cut out inserts to hold the light securely.

The plan is to have her mom make these for herself and another friend. She offered one to me, but I don’t currently have a light. Given my recent re-fascination with 3-D cross-stitch, I should probably get one finally (can’t see much use for it for yarn work). But I also think it might be fun to make the carrying case myself. I’ve asked her to stop at Kinko’s and make me a copy of the pattern. We’ll see how it pans out.