What was that about catching up?!

I told myself I was going to finish what I was working on before starting something new. I’ve got these projects that I really should finish. They even have deadlines. And then in every knitting magazine I picked up I saw this sweater by Adrienne Vittadini.

So on Saturday I went out to my LYS and bought the pattern booklet. And while I was there and they kept showing me yarns that I could use, I realized that I really liked the colors in the sweater and that I’d have to buy the actual yarn. So I placed an order for it. And while ordering the yarn, I noticed their list of upcoming classes. I thought I was safe, because I’d looked at the list on their webpage before I went and the only class I was interested in had already occurred. Well, they are offering it again in May, so I signed up. And then I had to buy yarn for it (although I may exchange it, because I bought it in haste and I’m not sure I want to use it now).

The class is pretty neat — it teaches the Magic Loop techinque for using super long circular needles to make items you’d normally use double-pointed needles for, like socks. I’d been eyeing the book for some time because I love my Addi’s and I was frustrated by the dpns when making my one and only pair of socks. And not only does it teach Magic Loop, it teaches you how to do it to make two socks at the same time. I’m savvy enough with patterns that I could probably figure it out on my own, but the class gives me an excuse to be social.

On Sunday, I went over to my friend Jen’s house to help her with some knitting issues. She’s a beginning knitter and trying a sweater from Knitty and is having major gauge issues. Because she doesn’t want to go out and buy yet another pair of needles and because her yarn is a little larger than was called for, she’s forging ahead, making a slightly smaller size of the sweater than she would if the gauge was perfect. This requires some flexibility in following the pattern. I think she’s up for it.

We also put together a box for a stash redistribution group I’m starting. I put in some needles and tools that I once thought I’d like (such as straight needles) and now find that I never use (I found Addis, who needs straights?!). I also tossed in some balls of yarns that I’d purchased as experiments, to work up swatches when deciding between yarns for a project and a couple of balls of yarn that I’d inherited from a friend’s mother but never used.

Jen also had some inherited yarn — a friend of a co-worker moved back to Australia and left her stash behind. Including some half-completed projects that were simply yanked off the needles and dumped as is. Jen put a few of these in the box. I relieved her of a bag of 20 balls of a red/white yarn that was in the early, early stages of becoming a raglan sweater. Then I remembered later that my husband hates red, so can’t make something for myself in it. I’ll post a photo later and you can give me some ideas.

We ripped out one project that we can only figure must have been a blender cozy (it was clearly supposed to be a cover for something tall and rectangular) that was made with Wool-Ease Thick&Quick in light grey. This yarn is my nemesis. I crocheted a hat and scarf for my sister’s boyfriend with it several years ago (in the light grey). I was most of the way through it when I realized that the gauge was far too tight (pattern be damned!) and so I ripped out what felt like 100 balls of it and redid it. Meaning I was left with far too much of it left over. And none of it was in their original balls, so I couldn’t return it. I’ve worked hard to reduce the number of balls of it that I have by making charity squares with it. But last time I went through my stash of balls I’m slowly making into charity squares, I still had tons of it. They’ll probably bury me with it!

I also saw the geek code thing at Knitty and was going to figure that out to post here, but I’ve rambled on long enough already.