My name is Amy and I have a problem

I wasn’t going to start any new projects because I’m up to my ears in current ones and ones on deck. I’m having trouble trying to find good places to stash new yarn. I have this huge box of stuff (not yarn) waiting to go to Goodwill that I’m sitting on because it hides the towering stash behind it.

And then yesterday I was reading another blog (I told you that was dangerous) and I saw a suggestion to make a Booga Bag for Mother’s Day. And I realized that Mother’s Day was coming up, and FAST!. And that while Kureyon comes in colorways that don’t personally appeal, they are exactly what my mom would love. And that I could probably stitch up the bag in a couple of days. So I stopped by the knitting store on the way home last night and picked up some yarn and the needles. And it was the perfect thing to do during the Friends finale. Knitting in the round, nothing to think about. I got through one ball last night. Two more to go. Then the felting.

I haven’t done any felting yet because I haven’t had my own washing machine. But for mom, I’ll spend the quarters. Gotta read up on it today; with luck I’ll have the stitching finished by Mother’s Day for a slightly late delivery.

Of course, I can’t get out of a knitting store with just the project I came with. I ended up buying Debbie Bliss’ Baby Cashmerino book. I was also tempted by Zoe Mellor’s Adorable Knits for Tots, but I resisted. And I got some light-colored sock yarn for the Magic Loop class I signed up for and the needles. It’s a nice bright blue that I think I’ll end up giving to my sister L. And it means I can return the yarn I’d originally got for the class that I never really liked.

So hopefully I’ll finish the Booga Bag in the next few days and then I can say I’ve finally finished something. Even though I just started it!