Booga Boogie

I got the Booga Bag done in 2 days!

Very fast project. And tons of fun. The felting was easy, even in my coin-op, no controls washer. You can see the “before felting” photo in the project notes. It’s really cute and I think my mom will love it and my sisters will beg for their own. Of course, now I want to felt everything. I’ve got to remember that I’ve lots of other projects to finish.

Most importantly, the Mouse Baby project must get done because I just now learned that the recipient was born last week. Fortunately, I’ve been working on that. The blanket is stitched, it just has a little weaving in and the embellishments.

I’m making steady progress on the sweater. I ripped out what I’d done before because I didn’t remember what size needle I’d used and I figure I couldn’t hope to guess and match the gauge. But I finished a new back last night and the left side of the front.

I’m almost finished with the right side of the front, then I just have sleeves and hat and finishing. I’ll make as much progress as possible tonight, then I’m off to Los Angeles for work again, so I’ll probably take Marcel with me.