Sock Magic

Last night I took a class teaching the Magic Loop method to make two socks at the same time.
Here’s the little sample sock I made to learn some of the techniques. It was also my first attempt at making a sock toe-up. (that’s a quarter sitting next to it, to show you how tiny it is)

I’m totally in love with the Magic Loop technique and dying to try it out on other things. While we were trying the two at a time, top-down technique with tiny tubes, I realized that it would probably be a great method for gloves as well. And now all I want to do is make socks or gloves.

Alas, I have other projects that need finishing, so I must restrain myself. But, I’m almost done with the Mouse Baby project. The hat is all finished, the blanket just needs embellishments and the sweater needs weaving, assembling and embellishments. I think I’ll be finished tonight.