Forever Finishing

I’m going to stop making predictions about when I’m going to finish the Mouse Baby set, because it seems that’s all I do. When we last spoke, I had finished the hat entirely, had some tails and embellishing for the blanket, and had to do tails, assembly and more to the sweater.

Well, the blanket tails are woven in.

To be fair, I’ve made a lot of progress on the sweater. Repeatedly. I’ve gotten most of the tails woven in. And I sewed the shoulders. Then I had to knit on a collar. That’s where the fun started. I picked up stitches around the front, reclaimed those on the back holder, then picked up more on other front. And the first time through, I had the exact number of required stitches.

But then I wondered about “pick up and knit”. Am I to simply pick up stitches in the bound off section and knit those on the holder? Or in the bound section am I to pick up a stitch, knit it, and then pick up another? I did it the first way. And then I wondered about the second. I figured that if I knit the stitches immediately after picking each up, that they would lock around the bound off stitch and provide a smooth transition instead of leaving a selvidge edge on the inside. So I yanked off all my new stitches and started over.

For some reason, my count didn’t turn out as well this time and I had to redo it a couple of times. But then I had 58 stitches and away I went, knitting the ribbing and binding it off. And darn if that “locked in” technique didn’t look like crap.

So I looked at the magazine photo of the finished piece and decided that they did it the way I had the first time. I ripped it all out and started over yet again. After picking up or knitting the 58 stitches, it was time for bed.

That was Tuesday night.

Last night I made more progress. I finally finished the collar and I also added the button bands down the front. I even attached one of the sleeves. Now I just have to attach the other sleeve and sew the side seams. And then embellish. But I’m not making any predictions. Although I might have it finished by the time the recipient goes to college.