Stymied by Counting

I was hoping to post that I’d completed yet another project (the Corn Bunting), but just as I was starting to assemble it, I noticed a fatal counting error.

By 4pm today, I’d finished the principal stitching on all the pieces, just assembly and trim was left. I had one small mistake in the corn-stitch pieces, but it was off to the side and halfway through the piece and I decided that I was being picky about it. So on to joining the shoulders. 30-odd stitches needed to be left open in the back to attach the hood, so I set about centering them. And I noticed that I somehow didn’t have enough stitches on the back. Small panic, but I figured that maybe I did the same thing on the front. No luck. So I looked closely at the pattern to see where I went wrong and how I might fix it. Turns out that when doing increases near the feet (on a bottom-up piece), I stopped when I had enough stitches for the small size, not the medium size I was making.

Ack, 8 measley stitches made the whole thing not work.

So I ripped it back to the increase section and I’m reworking from there. Fortunately, this part is a slightly modified stockinette stitch, not hard to redo. But I was so hoping to finish it this weekend. I’ll have to do a lot of stitching today and tomorrow to accomplish that.

And I know I should circle the counts I’m using in the pattern, but I never made a photocopy of that pattern and I don’t like to ruin the original pattern. That wil learn me.

But the day was not a complete waste, because I also finished charting the sleeve for the Shawl Collar sweater for my sister. So as soon as the Corn is finished, I’m taking that up again.