A little bit of everything

I finished redoing the back of the Corn Bunting. All the counts work out right, it’s just assembly now. Of course, I’m annoyed with it. I don’t mind finishing, I do mind when patterns with obvious repeats are forced not to line up when joining pieces. I’m supposed to join at the shoulders and leave a certain number of stitches open at the back. To do that, I’d have to stretch the front of the arms to wider than the backs, which puts the corn husk pattern off kilter. That’s just silly. Fortunately, it only stretches by 4 stitches on each arm, and I decided that the neckline can just be a little larger. I’m gonna face this same problem when joining the hood to the body, too. Grrr.

But, all this sewing requires a lot of concentration, and there was a new Queer Eye on last night, so I had to do some other things that took less focus. So I stitched up a charity square, added a couple of rows to Marcel’s Sweater, and frogged the first bad attempt at a sleeve I did for the Shawl Collar Jacket.

I’ll have the Corn Bunting finished this weekend and I have a long car ride too, so I think I’ll start a pair of socks to take in the car.

I also ordered the TGKA Level 1 Master Knitting Program. Not sure if I’m crazy or not. We’ll see.