I finally finished the socks for my sister. I started them from different ends of the ball of yarn, so the stripes are reversed, but also match up. At first glance, you wouldn’t notice. At second glance, they get more interesting. When she was a kid, she had a style of wearing mis-matched socks. I think they’ll suit her just fine.

Here’s the socks:

I also finished the sleeves for the Shawl Collar jacket. I thought I never would finish the second sleeve. I had to restart it half a dozen times. I just kept making silly mistakes. But now the sleeves are done, look the same and are balanced. Next step is the collar and cuffs which is all k1p1 so it should be fast and easy.

Here’s one sleeve:

And I finally got the yarn in for my Adrienne Vittadini sweater. I think I’ll take the first step and photocopy the pattern this week but I’ll hold off starting until I finish Shawl Collar.