Patterns, grrrrr

Why do patterns have to have short hand that makes you search for important details buried in other sections? I worked about 8 inches on the borders for the sweater (both at once so they are the same length). It was supposed to be simple — the instructions say cast on 25, k1p1. But last night I read ahead a little more and find that when I’m supposed to start expanding one side, there are supposed to be selvidge stitches?! And you’re supposed to knit after the first selvidge for the knit increases? So was it really k1 (k1p1)* k2? And which side is the RS really? Why tell me it’s just k1p1 then? Did that saved space really matter?

I really did read this pattern several times before I started, but you don’t always get the nuances until you’re faced with actually working the instructions. I read an article a little while back about charting out a pattern in detail before actually working it. I’m starting to think that’s a good idea. Tonight I’ll play around with a swatch and the increase instructions to see whether I can salvage this without selvidge stitches. Grrrrrr.