Steady progress

I’ve gotten started on Master Level 1 swatches. I have about a dozen of them done. I think I just have the cable swatches and the two color one left. Then I have to block them. And I may redo my first Stockinette one, because I did learn something about my technique that I need to apply there. More on that later, once I decide I’ve worked it out completely.

I’ve finished the front borders to the Shawl Collar Jacket and attached them, I’m now working on the collar part. A lot of k1p1 ribbing. Then I attach the sleeves and do the cuffs. A figure a week of solid nights working on it and I should be done. But I don’t have a week of solid nights coming up.

I also got the new Interweave Knits which has a sweater I’d love for work. So I have to pick yarn out for that. And maybe there is one other I’d like to make in this issue of Vogue Knitting.

I’m traveling a lot then next couple of weeks, a bunch of car trips that would be good for straightforward knitting, but not finishing anything or starting the Dianna sweater. So maybe I’ll make some good progress on Marcel. Imagine that!