Something New?!

I’m closing in on the end of my active projects list and I’m starting to get excited about starting new projects.

I have the Dianna sweater all ready to go, I just need to swatch up the yarn so I can figure out my gauge. But I’m trying really hard to finish a couple of other things before I plunge into it so that I can devote all my time to it. With luck, I be able to finish it and still be able to wear it this summer.

So how am I doing with the rest?

I finished the back of Marcel’s sweater this week. Now I just have the front to do. I’ll get that started tonight because I’m travelling again this week and it’s easy to take along.

The Shawl Collar sweater now has a collar. And a sleeve has been attached. I picked up the stitches I need for the cuff on that sleeve, so just a little there and then one more sleeve to attach. Then the rats nest of tails to weave in. I think I could spend a whole day just weaving in on this sweater.