Let the knitting begin!

Just when I thought I was finishing up projects more come out to tempt me.

First is a sweater in the new Interweave for myself. I just have to pick the yarn. And Woolcott is having their annual sale this week, so I stopped by last night and got some candidates to swatch up tonight.

Next, I want to make my mom a sweater. She pointed out one she liked a while back, but I’ve seen a few others since then. So I printed out some photos and put together a little portfolio for her to browse through. I’m seeing her in a few weeks and I’ll make her decide.

Then, I became an aunt. My niece was born on July 28. So now I can give in to all those little girl knitting urges I’ve been having. So I’m making a couple of items in Debbie Bliss’s Baby Cashmerino book. And I’m trying to figure out what I want to make in Too Cute! And while I was picking up candidate yarn yesterday, I saw this kit and bought it immediately.

Have I gotten anything done?
Marcel’s back has a few inches.
Shawl Collar has a full sleeve and cuff.
Flore hat has a few rows.
Slant Cardigan has a swatch.

So much for reducing my active projects list. Just wait until I hit the yarn sale.