Yarn Orgy

I was second in the store at Woolcott this morning for their 25% off birthday sale. I was not the first one out of the store. While I was there, they must have had 40 customers crammed into the ~750 sq ft store.

I staggered out about an hour later with everything I need for the Teddybear Sweater and the Mantinee Coat. I ordered some Classic Elite Wings in “Agean Sea” for the Classic Slant Cardigan, but they didn’t have the color card yet, so who knows what it will look like for real. I hope it’s a muted teal, not too bright. I also grabbed a bunch of little odds and ends. The longer I was in line, the more ended up in my basket. Including a set of Denise Interchangeable Circulars. I initially thought I’d give them away, but maybe I’ll play with them for a while first.

I also decided to make a sweater to match the Flore hat, so I need to get yarn for that. But first I have to figure out what the exact colors are. I have a request in to the kit maker, hopefully I hear from her soon. This is the first time I’m thinking of a project that I don’t have a pattern for. I think I’ll do something based roughly on the hat design, but we’ll see.