Don’t, don’t, don’t let’s start

I have no resistance to projects.

I have to finish the Shawl Collar Jacket. I’m loathe to do it. So instead, on Wednesday night, I swatched the Matinee Coat. The yarn (DB Baby Cashmerino) is yummy. It looks great knit up. I didn’t measure my swatch yet (don’t know why), but I’ll wash and block it tomorrow and see how it goes. This should be a good project to take to MI with me next weekend.

And last night I sat down with the Shawl Collar. I have one week to finish. It must be done to go to MI with me. So last night I sewed up the sleeve seam. And I was about to do the tedious work of attaching it to the body when I remembered that what I hated about the other sleeve was knitting the cuff with the whole sweater in my lap. So I started the cuff. Another 4 inches on that and I can attach it. Then there’s a bunch of tails to weave. And then maybe I block it. I better get a lot done this weekend!