Amy Reaches for the Cross-Stitcher Whup-ass!

My mom picked out the sweater she wants, it’s Squiggles from Knitters Magazine, Winter 2003. It’s lot of seed stitch and then it has a nice embellishment effect which I look foward to doing. Problem is, she loves the colors exactly as shown in the photo. And the magazine didn’t publish the exact colors used. They say “Green” and “Red” and “Yellow” and “Coffee” when Naturespun doesn’t come in colors by that name. Some of the colors were easy to figure out, there’s only one bright yellow, for example. For the rest, I’ll have to find someone locally who carries that yarn or order a couple of different balls and figure out which is the best shade because computer pictures of color cards are no help.

Of course, the magazine’s website doesn’t list errata for the pattern and I didn’t find anything when I Googled the author. Nor did I find anything when I Googled the pattern, I guess none of you are making it. I sent e-mail to the magazine, hopefully I’ll hear back.

This kind of frustration is one reason I stopped beading. After years of doing cross-stitch, I know about dye lots and color codes. It’s one thing for a small bead producer not to take much care with these things. Some boutique fiber makers don’t either. But there are bead manufacturers that have collections full of numbered shades and bead stores toss that information out! Can you imagine a bin full of DMC floss without any labels? A pile of yarn balls without dye lots? And for a pattern to come without the necessary information for you to exactly reproduce the sample? It boggles the mind.

To soothe my indignant outrage, I didn’t start the Dianna tank like I’d planned, but kept working on the Matinee Coat. I’ve gotten past the skirt portion of the back and decreased for the bodice. I made a slight alteration to the 3-stitch decreases so that the middle stitch lays on top. I did a swatch and found it looked better that way. More symmetric. I’ll put details in a project page.