Adventures on the Web

Yesterday I found wiseNeedle. It has a really nice yarn info database that is visitor-generated. It’s a good place to go to find out what other knitters think about a yarn you are considering. It’s also a good place to find out about possible substitutes. But it’s all created by knitters like you and me reviewing the yarns they’ve used. So go visit and fill out reviews of your favorite yarns. Or your least favorite ones.

I also heard from Knitter’s Magazine about the Squiggles sweater. They sent me the list of Brown Sheep color codes used in the sample. I’m posting them here so someone who might search for them in the future can find them.

The yarn is Brown Sheep Naturespun Sport

The main color is #109 Spring Green.

The accent colors are

  • #112 Elf Green

  • #305 Impasse Yellow
  • #N54 Orange You Glad
  • #N44 Husker Red
  • #116 Blue Boy
  • #N89 Roasted Coffee