At 98 we all Rotate

Earlier this year I had many WIPs and I’d rotate nightly. That made every project seem to take forever and I abandoned the rotation when I came up against some gift deadlines (aka births). So recently I’ve been working on one project at a time, but you can see my Active Projects list — there’s plenty I want to do. And my stash is growing with yarn for these projects. I actually broke down and bought a couple of new bins to hold it recently. Ack!

I know some people have firm rotation schedules with monthly goals and work their way through them. I think that’s a little too rigid for me, because I can’t plan how much knitting time I’ll have in a month. Nor do I have a good sense for how long a project will take me. But I want to get started on some new projects and make some progress on those that have stagnated. So my new plan is to alternate nights with a primary project and a rotation through my other projects. Of course, this rotation will be flexible to accomodate travel (I’m only bringing one project on a plane!).

Last night, I worked on the Matinee Coat, my current primary project. I finished the back and started on one of the fronts. I’d show you pictures, but I need to resolve some lighting issues in my apartment. When I finish for the night and want to take photos, my apartment is not well-lit enough to do without the flash. And to get close enough to show detail, the flash washes out the knitting (see the photo of the Matinee Coat in my last post). If I leave early enough today, I’ll take some pics before it gets dark.

10 points to whoever names the song I quoted in the title.