A different kind of needle

This weekend I spent some quality time with my sewing machine. My best friend is getting married in a few weeks. She chose a color (dark green) for bridesmaid dresses that is not “in” at the moment. So we decided to buy some fabric and have skirts made and wear them with black tops. Of course, I procrastinated so long in finding a seamstress that the only solution was to dig out my sewing machine.

In addition to the semi-full floor-length skirt, I also hemmed 4 rectangles of chiffon to be used as wraps. The bride is making us matching necklaces, and I plan to use some of the extra beads to put a little fringe on them. It all would have been smooth going, but my sewing machine decided to jam up every foot or so, so I spent a lot of time pulling out knots and starting over. Next time I need to do a sewing project, the machine is spending some quality time getting professionally tuned up first.

I got a little bit of knitting done. The next item in my rotation was the Dianna sweater. And I pulled out the yarn to finally get started, only to find that I had the wrong quantities! When I special ordered the blues, someone got mixed up and I ended up with inverse amounts of them. I started knitting anyway, hoping that I’ll be able to locate a couple more balls of the dark one in the right dye lot. I’ve already googled the yarn and e-mailed several stores to ask if they have it. Please cross your fingers for me.

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