More Zigging and Zagging

First, a point of order: Out of respect for the designer’s copyright, I’ve been asked to remove the Zig Zag chart PDF that I created. So I have. I have e-mailed the designer and offered her the charts so that she may make them available to everyone. Hopefully you will see them soon.

Yesterday I visited Art Fibers and ImagiKnit. The ImagiKnit visit was planned so that I could acquire a ball of Lana Gatto Feeling which they carry. The Art Fibers visit was insisted upon by my friend who was guiding my yarn tour.

Art Fibers is a unique store. They only carry yarns that they commission. But they commission a lot of neat stuff. And they have some lovely policies: they’ll let you use any of their yarns in the store to swatch for free or you can order some sample lengths from their website to swatch with.

ImagiKnit was mindblowing. They had a far bigger selection than any yarn store I’ve ever visited. And it was pretty roomy, so I didn’t get the far too busy, overstuffed store feeling I’ve gotten other places. They have one wall of magazines, nicely organized, with all the back issues you can imagine. Only the memory of trying to lug my suitcases around the Boston subway stopped me from buying all the back issues of Interweave Knits. But in the end, sensory overload got the better of me, and I stumbled out with only one ball of Feeling and a size 6 Addi Turbo (who knew I only had one size 6 at home?).

I swatched up 34 stitches and about 10 rows yesterday. My gauge looks to be pretty good, and I adore the beautiful bright denim color of the ball I bought, but I won’t be using this yarn for the Zig Zag sweater. It is very soft, but not so different from your average cashmerino.

And I can’t stand the doubling. You know what’s worse than finding out you’ve dropped a stitch? Finding out you’ve only dropped one strand of a stitch. Because I don’t see that the doubling enhances the design all that much (the cable stitches may be a little more interesting, but most people won’t get close enough to me to notice), I think I’ll be searching out a worsted weight for this. Art Fibers had a nice cashmere/merino blend that I’ll be trying today. I’ll keep you posted.