How many laps is a mile?

I made almost a complete circuit of my WIPs this weekend.

Yesterday I finished one of my holiday ornaments, save for attaching bead buttons. The ones that came with the kit are hard to find, so I need to find a completely new bead to make all of them. But the principal stitching and assembling is finished. I also have to think about how I’m going to add a date and my initials to it.

I determined that the pieces on the blocking board were dry. So those came up and I blocked the last piece of the matinee coat. I also fixed the snag that Mough made.

And then I pulled out my TKGA Masters Level 1 work to see what needed to be done. I decided I want to redo swatches 1 and 2, but that 3, 4, and 5 were submit-able. So I wove in the ends and blocked them. I would have continued to block these, but I ran out of T pins and the quilt pins I got were just too flimsy. So I’m limited in how much I can block at one time until I get more T pins. I need a lot more T pins because this blocking thing is fun.

Finally, after making so much progress, and what with the recent chill in the air, I started the gloves I’ve been planning. They use Opal Mosaic sock yarn (in a purple/white colorway) and I’m following the basic glove instructions in an older issue of Interweave Knits (no real pattern, just formulas). I’m making a basic gusset which I’ll work while I’m knitting the hand, so I think that, with a few bobbins, I can do the whole thing all at once using the magic loop method. I cast on for both and I’ve got a solid 2 inches of 2×2 ribbed cuff. I’ll probably work another inch or so of cuff before I stop the ribbing and start on the hand area.

Tonight I’ll try to catch up with some photos. And if the last piece of the Matinee Coat is try, I’ll start assembling.