Presenting…. The Matinee Coat

Finished her up last night. Could use a little blocking on the edge trim, so I’ll attempt that on my day off on Monday (I’m going away until then).

I’m now confronted with the problem, not of what to start next, but how to re-prioritize my Active Projects list. Nothing on it has a crucial deadline, but I want to keep up the rotation so that each makes progress. I’ve pretty much decided to frog the Dianna Sweater and put it on hold until the spring. No sense making a tank top when there’s winter sweaters to be made. I’m inclined to bump up one of the two projects that have been languishing. A couple weeks of intensity for the Rugby Romper will probably finish it off. I have no enthusiasm for it, but it is taking up a lot of space in my WIP dresser.

I’m taking the sock gloves with me this weekend to knit while I’m on the train tonight. And as a backup, I’m taking the Squiggles sweater because it’s still pretty small and doesn’t require a lot of complicated work.