Progress and Purge

I made a lot of progress on the sock-yarn gloves during my train rides to and from New York. The thumbs have emerged and I have about a half an inch before I need to divide for the fingers. If it’s not already obvious, I’m making these with the Magic Loop technique, both at the same time. I’m loving it. Here’s what they look like now:

I got home from New York earlier than I expected, so I sat down and worked on the Rugby Romper. I made stunning progress. I’ve divided for the armholes and worked part of one side past that. So I’m almost finished with the second side and then the sleeves are left. Here’s where the body piece stands:

Finally, today I did a lot of cleaning. And one of the things I did was go through my yarn, reorganize and purge. I frogged the Dianna tank and the yarn will wait for spring. I also frogged part of a blanket I started crocheting for a layette set long ago. The baby is walking around now, and I lost enthusiasm. It was time to give it up. What all of this means is that I have a pile of free yarn up for grabs. Take a look.