Some of you noticed that I set up a site feed recently. I’ve also discovered Bloglines and I’ve done a little house keeping. Bloglines is great because you can set up an account that lists all the blogs you read. And they’ll keep track of when there is new content, so no need to keep checking a ton of pages continuously. Overall, I think using it means I can actually read more blogs. Eeek!

It’s straight and steady on the knitting front. Did more work on Marcel’s sweater while travelling. I’m a few rows away from armhole shaping. Now that I’m home, more inches on the Squiggles sweater. I’ve gotten past the shaping for the first arm hole. I haven’t had a chance to pick up my Zig Zag yarn, but I did swatch the Martina sweater. Worked with my Denises for that, but they don’t feel as solid in my hands as Addis do. So I was going to switch over once I found gauge, but I noticed that Denises are irregularly sized! So more swatching is necessary. *sigh*